5 Study Abroad Destinations Where You Can Get A Work Permit

Every student loves studying and working abroad. This article will provide clarity for students where to go if they’re looking to study and work abroad after graduation.


International students can stay and work in Australia after graduation under the Temporary Graduate Visa that has two streams – Graduate work stream and post study work stream. Prospects are very bright if students look into Agriculture, Biomedical Engineering and so on.


Unlike in the news, international students will not get affected due to the revised immigration policies. Students can work for a total of 12 months after graduation. USA is the most popular destination for students to work after graduation.


Unlike false news in the internet, there are a lot of post-study work opportunities in UK. There are totally 3 tiers of work permit depending on the overview of the student’s profile.


There has been no significant change in the policies in Canada. Students can stay for a period of three years after graduation. The post graduation work permit program allows students to look for employment in Canada.


Germany is another country that provides post-study work permit where students can stay for a maximum period of 18 months after graduation. Once students get a relevant job, they can even apply for the German Residence Permit or an EU Blue Card.

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5 Basic Steps you must complete in order to study at a university in USA

Study abroad is a vast field and students really have to pay attention in applying to colleges and universities unlike studying in India. There are a lot of processes involved which if broken down and completed in an organized manner, it can be done with ease.


As studies take a step higher, it becomes more specific. Therefore, the field that you have studied so far would only be summary of the whole field per se. After you’ve decided to study in the USA, you must start to research your options of courses and universities. You can either do it on your own or take assistance from an education planner.

Finance your Studies:

There are a number of universities that grant funding and financial aid. Once you’ve decided the course, you can go through a list of universities that support the course and in addition who provide any financial aid.

Complete your Application:

This is one of the most important steps of applying to a university. After you’ve chosen the university, you must fill out the application and send it for processing. Using an education planner’s help is highly recommended as this process could become less cumbersome.

Student VISA:

You must then go through USA’s student visa requirements and allow plenty of time to prepare your application. Make sure you do not miss a single document and get them in order as mentioned in the requirements.

Prepare for Departure:

This process does not just include the things you must pack to the country but also the necessary documents for arrival and immigration compliance.

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5 Best Business Schools in USA

Here are five of the best business schools in USA you can dream of getting into.

University of Pennsylvania:

This university ranks #1 in the list of top business schools in 2018 and tuition fees costs almost $67,000 per year. The acceptance rate in 2016 was 19.6% and full time enrollment was 1,708.

Harvard University:

This is tied in 1st place with Pennsylvania and costs almost $64,000 per year with an acceptance rate of 10.7% and a full time enrollment of 1,871.

University of Chicago:

In the third place is University of Chicago that has an acceptance rate of 23.6% and a tuition fee of approximately $66,000. Full time enrollment amounted to 1,185.

Stanford University:

Stanford is one of the toughest universities to get into. The tuition fees as of 2016-2017 cost almost $66,000 per year with an acceptance rate of just 6%.

Northwestern University (Kellogg):

Tied in the fourth place with Stanford, this university costs almost $66,000 per year with an acceptance rate of 20.1%.

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5 Money Mistakes Made by International Students Studying in the USA

There are definitely some points students can look into while managing their funds abroad, especially when they have migrated from a country of a relatively lower economy.

Managing Student Debts:
This is the most critical step in studying abroad for international students. Students have to research intensively and choose the right loan or scholarship and plan accordingly to that. If these debts are used incorrectly, it can be worse than credit cards and can even prolong for a long time.

Managing Student Debts

Financial Aid Awareness:
Skipping financial aid is one of the worst mistakes a student can make. Most universities would recommend opening a local bank account and acquiring a financial aid during the student orientation program. Illness and medical emergencies can never be predicted and a local bank account will help you save money on international transaction fees.

Financial Aid Awareness

Foreign Exchange Value:
The currency exchange value is something that all students must be aware and updated on. Students must be aware of the unstable economy and the frequent oscillation and fluctuation of foreign exchange rates, especially Indian currency. If the chart is studied properly, money can be saved to a large extent.

Foreign Exchange Value

International Fund Transfer:
Attention to detail is very necessary in this part. Every transaction a student makes must be noted down or printed out. One wrong digit or alphabet can really change the situation or put a student through a long and tiring process of getting it rectified. Moreover, copies of transaction can act as proof that will come to great use while dealing with problems.

International Fund Transfer

Credit Cards:
This is one of the most fragile things for students and something they are easily vulnerable to. Using credit cards in ATMs, using the card outside the country is something that must be first verified with the respective bank before carrying out these actions. Cases like special transaction charges or even fraudulent transactions can be charged.

Credit Cards

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How has Trump administration affected the Indian student’s US education aspirations

US Presidential Elections is probably the only political movement when everybody across the world becomes concerned about. Directly or indirectly, fortunately or unfortunately, any economic or political changes that prevail in the United States affect our country in some way or the other. This time, after Donald Trump was elected as POTUS, it caused expats to be worried about their stay in the United States. Eventually, discussions started to spread about people being threatened to leave the country and go back home.

A few incidents did occur, unfortunately that really imparted fear on people, especially Indians. In these unforeseen series of events, these worries reached international students after completion of their graduation, Indian employees aspiring to work and the already existing working professionals about acquiring H1B Visa in the said country. Having in mind the benefits of Indians working in the US, and the outcome this change in the VISA regime, these discussions grew into a threat.

According to recent news, Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has confirmed that US has affirmatively communicated to India that there is no such change in the H1B Visa Regime, at least for this year. The US authorities have currently prioritized about dealing only with illegal immigrants.

The minister also said that all the concerns on visa issues were articulated during the Strategic and Commerce Dialogue 2016 that was held last October and India had decided to continue their engagement on visa issues and ingeminated their shared resolve to facilitate the movement of professionals.

In addition, the minister also said that the US monitors policies of 73 countries and India might be one of them, to which she responded and quote, ‘We don’t recognize any monitoring by any countries. No unilateral policing is acceptable for India.’

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Why Study In The USA?

USA is one of the most popular destinations for international students. Considering its top notch infrastructure and plethora of course and university options, preferring USA as a study abroad destination remains to be a unanimous and a coveted choice among students. Undoubtedly, this country offers the best student life, an excellent education system, abundant research programs and exceptional future prospects to all students across the globe. A degree from any field of study from any of their reputed universities holds a global recognition and a unique place in the resume. Statistically, there are over 750,000 international students studying in USA at the moment. There are definitely concrete reasons to support the statistics. This highly developed tertiary education system in USA has 76 universities from the top 200. Furthermore, the first seven universities from the world’s top 10 are based in the USA. With all the thousands of students coming from all parts of the world, almost all universities have a multicultural environment both inside and outside the campus. The benefits students reap from this are enormous, directly or indirectly. Interaction increases and hence students gain exposure on an international level, develop personal and professional bonds with batch mates and also get a more appropriate overview and understanding of the industrial aspects. Students get to experience a diverse cultural environment which enhances the networking level on a professional scale. Besides, there are a number of extracurricular activities which are offered by all universities in the country encouraging students to engage in sports, academic and cultural activities. All the above factors will provide a rich and stimulating learning environment that will enhance networking and cross cultural interaction and understanding.

Why study mba in usa

Why Study MBA In USA?

It is apparent that business management or business administration as we know is one of the most popular programs. Moreover, it is very popular in the United States, especially for post graduation. Overall, an MBA degree prepares an individual to adapt and grow in the dynamic business environment by providing an inclusion of different fields in management and business thus enhancing their industrial skills and boost their confidence. To support that, USA has a huge variety of course options for MBA in many universities. Some of the popular courses are listed below.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Agri-Business Management
  • Energy And Cleantech Management
  • Healthcare Management

Besides the above listed, there are many other courses which cater subjects to specific students according to their interests. A more detailed list of courses can be found in websites of universities. While we have discussed the benefits of studying in the USA, there are many benefits of studying MBA in USA in particular. Students get to learn a lot about the business management and its strategies of other countries as they study in a mixed cultural background with other international students. This gives great exposure and networking and specifically study about business skills and strategies on a global scale. USA provides abundant career opportunities to international students that help in their growth in the industry. Graduates generally from this field are highly paid compared to other fields in the country. Besides, the country provides a lot of internship opportunities with several local companies for students to get the proper experience before hitting the global industries and famous employers. With all these benefits in hand, a student is guaranteed to succeed if he/she goes for an MBA degree in any one of the reputed institutions in the USA.

Universities In USA:

To succeed greatly with an MBA degree on a global scale, it is equally important to study the right course in the right university. It is vital that the student knows what he/she wants to study or specialize in before pursuing it. A deep research is required for the course where one has to understand what the subjects or the curriculum will be and what scope the course has overall. Sometimes, it is also the university that counts for future prospects. Any course in MBA would hold a prestigious recognition globally if attained from any one of USA’s reputed universities. Here is a list of some of USA’s best world ranking universities.

  • Harvard Business School
  • Stanford University
  • University of Chicago
  • Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania
  • Columbia University
  • MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Kellogg School of Management

Harvard, needless to say, is ranked #1 in the world for obvious reasons. Harvard also ranks first in the Global MBA ranking list. Almost 93% of the MBA graduates from Harvard earn a median salary of around $120,700.

Graduates from Stanford are the most sought after by large employers. Stanford is known to have produced some great alumni including eBay President John Donahoe and Nike President Phil Knight.

The Booth School of Business in University of Chicago is the second best business school in America and it is also the first ever business school to offer business PhD and executive MBA programs. Well known Domino’s Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle is one of its proud alumni.

Wharton School is ranked third in America and fourth in the world. There are two campuses situated in America, one in Philadelphia and another site in San Francisco that specifically caters to students opting for an executive MBA. The CEO of Time Inc. Laura Lang and the world famous business magnate Donald Trump are some of the alumni from Wharton.

Columbia University’s Business School includes a lot of Nobel Prize in economics winners and is quite famous for the work in value investing. 97% of the graduates are known to earn a median salary of $116,153.

Likewise, MIT Sloan also has a list of Nobel Prize winners in Economics and alumni include former UN secretary general Kofi Annan and Ford President Alan Mulally.

Finance and General Management are popularly adopted courses in Kellogg. Renowned president of Target, CEO and Chairman Gregg Steinhafel is one of many Kellogg’s students.

Requirements And Career Prospects

Requirements And Career Prospects:

It is mandatory that a student must have four years of undergraduate education after High School/Junior College. A three year course like B.Sc, BA or B.Com would not be sufficient to gain an admission in most of the business schools in America. To maximize the eligibility, it is recommended to do a post graduation correspondingly. Moreover, it has to be ensured that the program done is from a recognized university. Most of the US universities require at least two or three years of work experience. Although there are universities that don’t require it, but preference will always be given to those with work experience. GMAT is another external test that a student must take and achieve outstanding scores to get into one of US’s best business schools. MBA or not, a language proficiency test is a mandatory test for any international student. TOEFL is accepted by almost all universities in US. All universities have varying score bands for requirement. After graduating with an MBA degree from US, a student can work in a myriad of sectors such as Human Resources, Consultancy, Accounting, Finance and Sales. Options are limitless.


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Study in USA

Study in USA

The land of opportunities

Universities in USA are the largest centers of education, which offer UG and Graduate programs in a wide range of subjects, with a certain emphasis on Research.
USA is a beautiful country with various cultures and religions! You won’t face any issues settling in the country with such mixture of people. Following are some points researched by our experts at ‘iae Global India’.

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5 Benefits of Studying Abroad

5 Benefits of Studying Abroad

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