5 Study Abroad Destinations Where You Can Get A Work Permit

Every student loves studying and working abroad. This article will provide clarity for students where to go if they’re looking to study and work abroad after graduation.


International students can stay and work in Australia after graduation under the Temporary Graduate Visa that has two streams – Graduate work stream and post study work stream. Prospects are very bright if students look into Agriculture, Biomedical Engineering and so on.


Unlike in the news, international students will not get affected due to the revised immigration policies. Students can work for a total of 12 months after graduation. USA is the most popular destination for students to work after graduation.


Unlike false news in the internet, there are a lot of post-study work opportunities in UK. There are totally 3 tiers of work permit depending on the overview of the student’s profile.


There has been no significant change in the policies in Canada. Students can stay for a period of three years after graduation. The post graduation work permit program allows students to look for employment in Canada.


Germany is another country that provides post-study work permit where students can stay for a maximum period of 18 months after graduation. Once students get a relevant job, they can even apply for the German Residence Permit or an EU Blue Card.

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10 Amazing Trips You Can Take If You Are Studying In London

London is one of the best places for international students to enjoy their studies or work or leisure time. Here are some of trips you can take if you’re studying abroad in London.

Oxford University:

As geeky as it might sound, the architecture of the whole place is astounding and this is a must see for all Harry Potter fans as many of the settings were based on Oxford University’s architecture.


This is Shakespeare’s hometown and this will certainly impress and inspire all literary lovers. You can visit the Bard’s house to touch something that was once touched by the greatest English writer of all time.


Stonehenge, one of the most famous tourist spots, lies in Salisbury which is a great tourist attraction. A great deal of history lies at this place which is worth the visit.


This is the world’s largest and oldest inhabited castle just 30 minutes outside of London. If you’re lucky enough, you might just run into the Royal Family.


This is a famous hiking place across seaside and here lies the highest sea cliff in England. For a taste of adventure, this would be the best spot for you to test yourself.


Cambridge is considered as one of the prestigious university towns in the world. This is one of the most serene places to escape reality and explore your inner Zen.


Bath is a place with Georgian Architecture and its name comes from the Roman Geothermal Bath. Astonishingly, it has been preserved since 836 BC and this hot spring is one thing you wouldn’t want to miss.

New Forest:

If you’re thinking about Babbling brooks, English pastures, ponies and woodlands, then this place is for you. Within this forest lies a quaint village called Brockenhurst which is a must visit.


A fan of fish and chips? There is no better place than Brighton. There are some award winning restaurants where you get the best fish and chips.


Dover is a port town southeast of London. If you take a hike among the cliffs, you will be able to see France looming in the distance. Do not miss the Sea Safari.

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Brexit In 1947 Was Good News For India. What About Brexit From EU in 2016


As we all know, Britain voted for and agreed to exit the European Union (EU). This calls for a lot of changes in the economy, positive or negative, it is still unknown. The economic stability in under the scanner and so is the equation with the EU. Higher education is a dominating industry in the UK with its prestigious universities lined up to offer admissions to students from all over the world, especially from India. The questions now are,
• Will studies get cheaper?
• Will the norms be more stringent for intake of international students?
• Will VISA laws change?
• Will employment opportunities affect international graduates?
• How will Brexit affect the currently studying Indian students in the UK?

There is some speculation of the stock market that the value of pound sterling might decline which might reverse the trend of students migrating to UK in the future than Australia or the United States. Though this effect is still unclear now or might not reflect immediately, in a year’s time or two, there will be a significant effect on the cost in higher studies for Indian students.

Students aspiring to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the years 2017 and ’18 will have advantages of cost and tuition fees due to the depreciation of the pound.

However, there are a number of formalities and negotiations that are allocated for two years over the exit of UK according to the Universities Minister that will finally decide the stability of UK’s economy and its value. It is said that although there might not be a direct impact on the cost for international students, there are various other factors that will contribute to the decline in cost of study.

On the other hand, if universities get an impact after Brexit due to funding or lack of EU students applying for admissions, they might increase the fees for international students to compensate for the deficit.

For the second question, if UK decides to treat EU students as international, then there might be restrictions on the number of international students who can secure a seat at a UK university.

It is also speculated that the visa restrictions and the post study work visa rules may become relaxed due to decrease in flow of EU students into UK.

JOb_As for the employment opportunities, it really depends on the economy which is currently still under negotiations and the status is still unknown. Moreover, it is known that only a little is expected to change in the market before two years.

However there is an advice given by economists to Indian students.

“Do not make any hasty decisions or change your study plans before it is clear what agreement the UK will make with the EU. Aside from the impact on the market, little is expected to change before the two years for negotiation is up. While it is possible that there are big changes ahead with respect to tuition fees, research funding, visa restrictions, work opportunities and free movement across Europe, no one currently knows what form this will take or what the impact will be.”

Even though there are healthy speculations for Indian students relating to admissions, tuition fees, cost of living, and visa rules and so on, there are two years allocated for negotiations to come to a conclusion about the country’s rules and economy and students are advised to remain patient till confirmation.

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5 Benefits of Studying Abroad

5 Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad creates an opportunity for college students to explore a new nation and absorb all they can from the new land and culture. It’s one of the most valuable experiences in a college student’s life. Check out the list of 5 Benefits of Studying Abroad by, iae GLOBAL INDIA the experts in overseas education counselling.

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