5 Study Abroad Destinations Where You Can Get A Work Permit

Every student loves studying and working abroad. This article will provide clarity for students where to go if they’re looking to study and work abroad after graduation.


International students can stay and work in Australia after graduation under the Temporary Graduate Visa that has two streams – Graduate work stream and post study work stream. Prospects are very bright if students look into Agriculture, Biomedical Engineering and so on.


Unlike in the news, international students will not get affected due to the revised immigration policies. Students can work for a total of 12 months after graduation. USA is the most popular destination for students to work after graduation.


Unlike false news in the internet, there are a lot of post-study work opportunities in UK. There are totally 3 tiers of work permit depending on the overview of the student’s profile.


There has been no significant change in the policies in Canada. Students can stay for a period of three years after graduation. The post graduation work permit program allows students to look for employment in Canada.


Germany is another country that provides post-study work permit where students can stay for a maximum period of 18 months after graduation. Once students get a relevant job, they can even apply for the German Residence Permit or an EU Blue Card.

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7 Reasons For Canada Student Visa Rejection

Acquiring Visa is one of the most challenging things to do when you plan to travel abroad, be it for business or pleasure or education. Here are seven reasons why your Canada Visa would get rejected.

Financial Resources:

This is one of the common reasons why visa could get rejected. Under Section 219 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the embassy might not get satisfied that you have sufficient financial resources to pay for the tuition fees, without working in Canada.


If you have not demonstrated that your sponsor will provide adequate support to cover the cost of your studies, it could lead to rejection.


You’re required to submit a Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec if you’re going to study in Quebec. If not, your visa could be rejected.


Your documents must have strong reasons and facts for your stay and study in Canada. If there is any sign of lack of credibility in your documents, you might not get your visa.

Fail to Comply with Requests:

If you fail to comply with the embassy’s request for an interview or completion of medical examinations, this could inevitably lead to visa rejection.

Fail to Demonstrate Residential Establishment:

If you fail to demonstrate that you are sufficiently well established in your country of residence, there is a chance that your visa could get rejected.

Doubts in your Profile:

If your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of your qualifications, employment, previous studies, language abilities or your future prospects and plans, you might not get visa to the country you’re planning to go to.

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How can a Professional Study Abroad Consultant help you study in Canada

Study abroad consultants are all around the place and if students select the right people, there is nothing like it. Here are some of the pointers where they can really be of genuine help.

Selection of Course and University:

All you have to do is just tell your interested field and your background field and you’ll get an entire list of possibilities in Canada where you can choose from. They will be there till you filter a handful of universities you can apply to. This might be a lot tedious if done alone.

Application Processing:

Some students might have absolutely no idea how this is done or how and where to start and end. This is where education planners really come in handy. If you fill up the basic information, the consultants actually take it ahead for further processing.

VISA Processing:

This is one of the most important steps in studying abroad. Most of the time, students definitely need help in organizing all the necessary documents and it is quite easy for them to lose it as well. Education planners sort out the requirements and help you organize all the documents with as much minimum effort possible.

Pre Departure Counselling:

Once all the above processes are done, study abroad consultants also help you to get an insight of the country, its society and environment, weather, so on and so forth. This will help you prepare yourself mentally and physically to stay abroad with ease.

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7 popular courses you can take up in Canada in the next session

7 popular courses you can take up in Canada in the next session

Canada is one of the best destinations for Indian students to pursue their higher education. Likewise, they tap the Indian market for the best talent and require skilled professionals who can make a difference. Here are some courses that are popular in Canada that you can opt for.

Animation Courses:
Canada is very popular for this course and companies such as Toon Boom technology and Side Effects have been working in some serious animation technology and have also gained recognition in Academy Award winning films.

Animation Courses

Pharmacy Courses:
Canada has tons of job opportunities when it comes to the Medical field. Generally, Canada lacks skilled professionals in some fields. When it comes to Pharmaceuticals, students have a high chance of finding employment after graduating.

Pharmacy Courses

Petroleum Engineering:
Canada offers up to date technology and resources that are very critical in this sector. Due to this, this field is highly ranked in Canada and offers one of the most highly paid jobs. Overall, this field is the most sought after.

Petroleum Engineering

Having the perfect infrastructure, Canada is the hub for research and development. There is no doubt that any field related to biotechnology is the most sought after by international students.


Business Studies:
Business being an inevitable field in itself has one of the biggest scopes for students. With so many tie ups and opportunities in the country, Business is one of the most flourishing fields to opt for.

Business Studies

Food and Beverage Studies:
In the present generation, food has really been under scrutiny for chemicals and toxins to organic developments. Canada has many courses in the food department which lets students grow in the field and find opportunities worldwide.

Food and Beverage Studies

Commercial Pilot is becoming one of the most wanted professionals considering the logistical development the world in undergoing. This is definitely one of the favored courses by students, especially in Canada considering the infrastructure and opportunities they provide.


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Engineering In Canada

Engineering In Canada

Canada Welcomes Potential Engineers:

Engineering being a globally competitive field of study is popular in many countries across the world. Every country has their specialty of technology and its respective upgrade. This is a dependant factor for the growth of the field in that particular space. Having said that, technology is evolving on a continuous scale and every country thrives on the need for technology to solve crisis related to any matters – public or private. Canada has a dedicated educational system that is designed to welcome international students from every corner of the world and find their comfort zone to specialize their desired course. They encourage a lot of exchange programs and believe that talent is widespread and can be utilized if tapped properly. Canada is one of the main contenders to find international students for higher education who can help create a better future and universities consider India as the leading market to tap graduates. They possess some rigorous quality controls and advanced academic standards that prove beneficial for the student’s future and career in the long run. Alternatively, Canada is also the only country that offers a Bachelor of Applied Science degree for graduating engineers. All colleges and universities are regulated and accredited by governing bodies making sure the academic standards stay high. Canada primarily intake students during fall i.e. month of September and also in January during winter. However, there are a few universities that recruit during the month of May. Statistics show that over 30% of international students study engineering in Canada irrespective of the course being an undergraduate or a postgraduate.

Programs And Its Types:

There are many types of degrees that the Canadian universities offer. Some of them notably are Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Engineering Technology. For a student aspiring to take up engineering as an undergraduate course in Canada can apply to its prestigious colleges post high school or into the third year with an associate’s degree. Although there are many specialties existing in this field in detail, there are some common fields on the top of the hierarchy that include biomedical, civil, computer, electrical, chemical, aerospace, environmental, geological and a broad field that comes under industries and manufacturing which further exceeds into mechanical, mining, metallurgical, so on and so forth. Within these common fields extend many specialty areas where a student can master in and shape his/her career growth in that particular direction. Opportunities for engineering in any country whatsoever are in abundance. This is obvious to the fact that the technology is ever growing and ever evolving. There is a need in every country for professional engineers to keep up with this pace and come up with solutions that solve issues on a global scale. CEAB expanded as Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board accredits most of the engineering programs. Students who graduate from the programs that are accredited by the board are entitled to be registered as Professional Engineers (P.Eng.). There are also a lot many technical institutes and community colleges offering engineering degrees, both bachelor’s and associate’s degrees. If engineering has to be condensed into components, then they can be categorized into the following.

  • Core Engineering
  • Foundation Liberal Arts
  • Engineering Specialization or Majors

It is universally known that majors cater to a specific interest of the student’s subject and also at the same time diverse in number offering considerable scope for the student to work on.


Duration And Top Universities:

Studying abroad comes with a lot of perks that are not available in home soil. One such perk is the duration of the whole course and to learn how to finish the course in the stipulated time. Canadian universities hold distinctive features and lot of flexibilities for students and provide immense support to their career pathways and goals. They provide a variety of formats a student can choose to pursue and attain an engineering degree. Some of them include the traditional fall and winter programs, on-campus as well as distance studies, weekend and weeknight classes. Co – op or Co operative education is another distinctive feature and approach that is performed integrally. A student can choose to alternate academic terms, generally three to four months. On the other hand, internships are shorter in duration and are often unpaid compared to co operative education. Internships are also less structured. Canadian universities also look further ahead in the future of the student’s minds that they would intend or aspire to start their own business at some point in their life and keeping this in mind, they introduce project opportunities inside the curriculum to help them learn the basic business skills.

Even beyond the selected field of interest, one of the most critical factors is selecting the right university for the right course for each university might have a unique infrastructure or a way to support their courses. With respect to engineering, here are some of the top universities in Canada.

  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • Queen’s University

University of Waterloo provides Software Engineering which is one of the most famous programs of all. It is also known for its research and development that is regularly funded and supported every year on an increasing scale. University of Toronto is one among the highest ranked in Canada. The coursework is custom designed to include both practical knowledge and the regular coursework. UBC on the other hand, excels in both undergraduate and post graduate degrees and takes initiative to put together student programs to enhance their exposure. McGill is known for its top notch faculty. Material Engineering, Software engineering and Applied sciences are some of the popular courses in Queen’s University.

requirements and benifits

Requirement And Benefits:

For undergraduate students, it is necessary that a student must be proficient in fields like Mathematics, Chemistry and English. Although the percentage of scores may vary depending on the colleges in Canada, there is a definite slab that a student must have a minimum of 75% in high school scores. TOEFL or an equivalent test like IELTS is mandatory and accepted by almost all universities in Canada for both undergraduate and post graduate programs and likewise, the score slab depends on the university. For a master’s degree however, a student must hold a first class in bachelor’s degree. While abroad studies might seem like an investment to many, there are a handful of benefits a student can get if he/she has decided to study in Canada. All universities are internationally recognized and having that in mind, Canada offers an affordable education experience compared to other developed countries. Some long term benefits also include getting a permanent residency if graduated from a Canadian university. On a non academic scale, Canada has a multicultural society with many ethnic groups with friendly and a very polite nature. Canada is also a pioneer in research opportunities and offers the best infrastructure in the world.  Now with the immigration rules being a lot more flexible, there are no more reasons for a student to choose Canada to pursue Engineering!


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7 Comparisons For MBA In Australia v/s MBA In Canada

mainChoosing the right MBA program at the right place is quite a task. Here are a few points to help.
1. Eligibility And Pre Requisites:
firstAlthough there is no visible difference for the UG programs, for PG, GMAT is essential for Canada whereas most of the B Schools in Australia do not require GMAT. Work experience is mandatory in Australia. Regardless of the course, TOEFL or IELTS is a compulsory test.

2. Popular Courses And Business Schools:
Windsor University – Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship
Thompson Rivers University – Finance, International Business
Lakehead University – Operations Management, Marketing Management

ANU College of Business and Economics – Finance, Project Management
Sydney Business School – Professional Accounting, Supply Chain Management
University of Queensland – Operations Design, Strategic Human Resource Management

3. Cost:
03Cost may vary depending on the length of the MBA programs and although this difference may be subjective, Canada is cheaper than Australia according to many surveys and statistics. To be approximate,
Canada – 30,000 – 35,000 CAD
Australia – 35,000 – 38,000 AUD

4. Duration And Work Permit:
Both Australia and Canada offers different durations of MBA programs (Full length, Executive, Part time) depending on the university. However, completion of any of these programs in Canada can fetch you a post study work permit but a minimum length of 2 years has to be completed in any course in Australia to fetch a work permit.

5. Job scene Post MBA:
Job scenes in Canada are very favourable since the country is sparsely populated with shortage of skilled professionals.
Whereas, it is very difficult to get a job in Australia unless the degree is from a top school and international students are expected to be in top 10% of the class performance. It is even more difficult if there is no prior work experience.

6. Employment and Employers:
Employment-and-EmployersStrategy consulting is very popular in Canada and many graduates are recruited by IT firms, Deloitte, KPMG, PwC etc.
Consulting, Finance and IT & Telecom are three top sectors for MBA graduates and is known to provide one of the highest salaries in Asia-Pacific. Accenture, BCG, AXA are some famous consulting and industrial companies that recruit MBAs.

7. Financial Funding And Scholarships:
Financial-Funding-And-ScholarshipsThough both countries offer very limited scholarship options solely based on academic grounds, they have their own advantages. Canada does not require any display of funding records whereas Australia requires evidence of funds which is quite a hurdle.
On the other side, getting a scholarship in Canada might be tough as it also depends on the GMAT score but Australia only requires a good academic background.

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