Study Abroad – Expectation vs. Reality

There is a high chance that whatever you read on the internet is never the same in reality, whatever the subject may be. It also applies to studying abroad and the whole experience of staying abroad. Here are some of the common misconceptions of studying abroad.

1) Expectation: You will make a lot of friends as soon as you get there.

Reality: There is a big chance of you getting into a culture shock in the beginning and you might make friends of the same geographical ground.

2) Expectation: You can party every night.

Reality: This is one of the most common misconceptions about studying abroad. Once you get yourself enrolled, you would have so much of class work that it is not even a joke.

3) Expectation: You will never gain weight since you don’t eat home food anymore.

Reality: This is entirely false. There are tons of varieties of food abroad and once you start trying them, there is no stopping. You are sure to gain a few pounds for sure.

4) Expectation: You can survive with English.

Reality: This only applies to may be 10% of the whole world. If you’re really looking to interact with the locals, you need to know more than just English. Be prepared.

5) Expectation: You can make a trip every weekend.

Reality: This might be a good thing to do if you’re planning to exhaust your traveler’s checks and your entire bank account in a week or two. Traveling every weekend isn’t as easy as how it sounds.

6) Expectation: You will form amazing lifelong friendships.

Reality: Everything is temporary. If you’re expecting to make long lasting friendships with many people, forget it. The world is racing and people have their own things to do to sustain a living.

7) Expectation: It is easy to study and earn at the same time.

Reality: It is definitely not as easy as it seems. Studying is going to eat up most of your time with assignments and balancing that with your part time work will be a challenge.

8) Expectation: You will never miss home.

Reality: Although you will be in an entirely different country with different culture and people, you are sure to miss home once you slip out of your comfort zone.

9) Expectation: You will be received by welcoming and hospitable people.

Reality: This might be the first perception about studying abroad. No one is going to receive you in a special way. The only difference is you’re in another country filled with kind, mean and alienating people. Deal with it.

10) Expectation: You will get a job as soon as you graduate.

Reality: Brace yourself for a reality check. No, you will not get a job as soon as you graduate. There are no campus placements. You will have to go around the city to find a job.

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