How can a Professional Study Abroad Consultant help you study in Canada

Study abroad consultants are all around the place and if students select the right people, there is nothing like it. Here are some of the pointers where they can really be of genuine help.

Selection of Course and University:

All you have to do is just tell your interested field and your background field and you’ll get an entire list of possibilities in Canada where you can choose from. They will be there till you filter a handful of universities you can apply to. This might be a lot tedious if done alone.

Application Processing:

Some students might have absolutely no idea how this is done or how and where to start and end. This is where education planners really come in handy. If you fill up the basic information, the consultants actually take it ahead for further processing.

VISA Processing:

This is one of the most important steps in studying abroad. Most of the time, students definitely need help in organizing all the necessary documents and it is quite easy for them to lose it as well. Education planners sort out the requirements and help you organize all the documents with as much minimum effort possible.

Pre Departure Counselling:

Once all the above processes are done, study abroad consultants also help you to get an insight of the country, its society and environment, weather, so on and so forth. This will help you prepare yourself mentally and physically to stay abroad with ease.

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7 Tips for choosing a location to Study Abroad

Although this might sound simple, there is a lot of thought that a student must go through before making this decision as this is literally an investment in terms of cost, effort and time.

Decide if Study Abroad is what you want:

Do an intensive research on the field you are interested in terms of scope, opportunities and knowledge and decide if studying abroad is really required for your development. This is the first and foremost important decision you will make.


There are hundreds of different courses just in one field. So you have to be really specific about what you want and which country will be suitable to support the course in terms of opportunities, infrastructure and recognition.


Depending on the course, you have to sort out the university that provides the best faculty so that you can excel in the course you have chosen. Also search for universities that might even provide a scholarship or a financial aid.

Decide when to study abroad:

Some countries abroad that you desire to study in might go through a tough time with current affairs or standard of living. Depending on that, decide if you have to gain a year or two of work experience and wait for things to settle down to study abroad.


Some students have not yet been through a phase of independence and responsibilities. Depending on that, choose a country that might have places that support your culture or prepare yourself mentally about culture shocks and learn to cope with it.


Like mentioned above, finances are a great deal if you’re planning to study abroad and it greatly varies with the country you choose. Have a check on your finance before you choose a country to study in.

Speak with Study Abroad Alumni:

This might give you a lot of personal opinions on the university, course and country you have selected. Although this might differ from person to person, you will really get the gist of how it feels to study abroad.

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How has Trump administration affected the Indian student’s US education aspirations

US Presidential Elections is probably the only political movement when everybody across the world becomes concerned about. Directly or indirectly, fortunately or unfortunately, any economic or political changes that prevail in the United States affect our country in some way or the other. This time, after Donald Trump was elected as POTUS, it caused expats to be worried about their stay in the United States. Eventually, discussions started to spread about people being threatened to leave the country and go back home.

A few incidents did occur, unfortunately that really imparted fear on people, especially Indians. In these unforeseen series of events, these worries reached international students after completion of their graduation, Indian employees aspiring to work and the already existing working professionals about acquiring H1B Visa in the said country. Having in mind the benefits of Indians working in the US, and the outcome this change in the VISA regime, these discussions grew into a threat.

According to recent news, Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has confirmed that US has affirmatively communicated to India that there is no such change in the H1B Visa Regime, at least for this year. The US authorities have currently prioritized about dealing only with illegal immigrants.

The minister also said that all the concerns on visa issues were articulated during the Strategic and Commerce Dialogue 2016 that was held last October and India had decided to continue their engagement on visa issues and ingeminated their shared resolve to facilitate the movement of professionals.

In addition, the minister also said that the US monitors policies of 73 countries and India might be one of them, to which she responded and quote, ‘We don’t recognize any monitoring by any countries. No unilateral policing is acceptable for India.’

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