10 Amazing Trips You Can Take If You Are Studying In London

London is one of the best places for international students to enjoy their studies or work or leisure time. Here are some of trips you can take if you’re studying abroad in London.

Oxford University:

As geeky as it might sound, the architecture of the whole place is astounding and this is a must see for all Harry Potter fans as many of the settings were based on Oxford University’s architecture.


This is Shakespeare’s hometown and this will certainly impress and inspire all literary lovers. You can visit the Bard’s house to touch something that was once touched by the greatest English writer of all time.


Stonehenge, one of the most famous tourist spots, lies in Salisbury which is a great tourist attraction. A great deal of history lies at this place which is worth the visit.


This is the world’s largest and oldest inhabited castle just 30 minutes outside of London. If you’re lucky enough, you might just run into the Royal Family.


This is a famous hiking place across seaside and here lies the highest sea cliff in England. For a taste of adventure, this would be the best spot for you to test yourself.


Cambridge is considered as one of the prestigious university towns in the world. This is one of the most serene places to escape reality and explore your inner Zen.


Bath is a place with Georgian Architecture and its name comes from the Roman Geothermal Bath. Astonishingly, it has been preserved since 836 BC and this hot spring is one thing you wouldn’t want to miss.

New Forest:

If you’re thinking about Babbling brooks, English pastures, ponies and woodlands, then this place is for you. Within this forest lies a quaint village called Brockenhurst which is a must visit.


A fan of fish and chips? There is no better place than Brighton. There are some award winning restaurants where you get the best fish and chips.


Dover is a port town southeast of London. If you take a hike among the cliffs, you will be able to see France looming in the distance. Do not miss the Sea Safari.

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8 Tips Given By Study Abroad Alumni For Students

Here are some tips given by study abroad alumni to students as to what they must take note of while studying abroad and how they can lead a comfortable life.

Bank Account:

Maintaining an effective bank account is something that will really help students track their savings and expenses. Considering that study abroad is a costly affair, it is paramount that students must create and maintain a bank account.

Keep Track of Exchange Rates:

This might seem trivial to intermittent purchases but in the long run, students will be able to save so much by keeping a track of transactions and taxes and splitting accordingly.


This is the one of the most important reasons students should anticipate for while studying abroad. There is no better opportunity than this to reach out to different people from different backgrounds and create a vast network, personally and professionally.

Get Involved:

Whatever it is, get involved. Participation is vital. Get involved in any activities, academic or extracurricular and put yourself out there in the crowd and get recognized.

Take Initiatives:

Step up and take initiatives. This will help you grow as an individual and this will be a great test an individual’s responsibilities, strengths and weakness.


Students must learn to be independent, to face challenges and try to overcome it. This will come to use when the student graduates and secures a job. He/she will have the opportunity to showcase these traits.

Part Time Job:

Students can get a part time job, which can have very light work as long as there is sufficient amount they can save. This will invariably help students to become independent.

Enjoy Yourself:

Last but not the least, don’t get lost in the hassle of studies, work and savings. Learn to balance your academic life and make maximum use of the free time given to visit new places and create memories.

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