8 Steps to get a Scholarship Abroad

The most common perception of studying abroad is the affordability and how expensive the education is. Very few people know the number of scholarships available to support the education. Here are some basic steps to get a scholarship.

Ask for Help:

From university office and professors to friends and counselors, there are many people who can help you out for a start. Going in person to enquire about it is highly recommended. You could start with a few options and go to the next step.


This is the most important word in the studying abroad dictionary, if there is one. Do your research. More scholarships you apply for, more financial aid you will get. Start with the types of scholarships such as location specific, program specific, subject specific, student specific, etc.


Once you have an idea about the grants, call the funder or an education planner to know about the intricate details of the scholarship. This will ensure you have the correct information.

Prepare Your Resume:

Once you’ve compiled the set of scholarships, you’ve to work on being awarded. A resume is a very critical part of this process. Make sure you highlight any international experience if you have and update every recent activity if any.

Check Your References:

Most scholarships require personal references, i.e. someone you’ve worked with professionally. In this case, students have to reach out to their professors for assistance for a recommendation letter.

Mark Your Dates:

Applying to so many scholarship grants, to the universities and external exams can get you really confused about the deadlines and even miss them. Mark your dates in a calendar separately for the whole study abroad plan and be organized.


Apply as quickly as you can. This will require a lot of work and patience. In retrospect, this might be very organized and easy, provided you follow the above steps intensively.

Follow Instructions:

Take your time and do quality work instead of hurrying up and doing a half baked job. With all the applications, you wouldn’t feel any burdens of deadlines if you have everything organized. Better quality work gives you a better chance for a financial aid.

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