Top 10 Management Programs From International Universities

There are hundreds of management programs and it is quite difficult to realize which the best course to opt for is. But there are some courses that are unanimously the best choices by students and also ranked one among the best in the world. Here are the top 10 management programs from international universities.


Accountancy is one of the most sought after courses abroad by international students and there are a lot of universities that aim to provide the best faculty for the program.


Needless to say, this program is in high demand. With the rise in aspiring entrepreneurs, almost all the international universities offer various courses in Business.


Finance is an inevitable field. The world runs on finance and number crunching. This is one of the best courses provided by almost all the best universities across the world.


Management is a very common course but has roles in multiple industries. Students who opt for this course can literally get into any field whatsoever. Evidently, some of the best universities support this course and give the best infrastructure possible.


Any good product that has to be sold requires marketing. Marketing is the most powerful tool that can be used to persuade customers from all over the world into becoming a part of the brand. There are thousands of universities that provide different types of marketing courses.


For the past decade, this field has been growing exponentially. There is a great increase in number of people entering into this field and the demand just doesn’t stop. There are various types of hospitality degrees and currently all the best universities offer this program.


Economics is a much underrated course but preferred by wise people. Very few people know how economics could even impact production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. All top class universities like Harvard and Stanford offer programs in Economics.

Human Resource:

This is another very common program preferred by many students. Furthermore, this field has been in continuous demand considering the increase in number of private organizations and firms.

Event Management:

Although this course is not as popular as the above mentioned ones, it sure has given some great careers to students. This program is becoming extremely popular and is known to be in continuous demand in the next five years.

Sports Management:

Entertainment is another inevitable field. Everybody is looking for it and Sports is not an exception. There are a handful of universities that support this course as it is unique, increasingly demanding and rewarding.

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Top 10 Engineering Programs From International Universities

Engineering is one of the most popular fields besides Management and other courses. With the world depending so much on technology, engineering has always been in continuous demand for years and years. Here are the top ten engineering programs from international universities.


Aviation is the future of commuting and has become common among people, be it domestic or international. Due to this, there is a demand for commercial pilots, technicians and what not. However, opportunities in the army are an entire different ball game.


Every year we see a highest tower being erected in some part of the world and it just keeps going. There are so many futuristic projects in the pipeline and companies are in need of professional engineers to make it happen.


With the rise in pollution, there are several engineers who are working towards a cleaner and non polluting environment for the world to sustain for long. Chemical engineering can have a lot of branches and opportunities are limitless.


Civil engineering is more focused on commercial, public and government properties. An expansion of architecture, civil engineering has always been in demand as people are building houses literally every day.

Computer Science:

Evidently, computer science is the most sought after fields by students. With hundreds of branches and millions of opportunities, there are universities that go out of their way to provide the best infrastructure to support the course.

Electrical and Electronic:

Both electrical and electronic contributes to the future of mankind as we know. Electrical can even mean powering a whole country and electronic can mean creating an entire android bot. Universities are striving to provide the best facilities to support these courses as it is the future.


There are hundreds of variations in this field and all of them are rewarding. Goes without saying, this is one of the most sought after programs after computer science. Almost all top universities provide these courses with the best facilities.


Compared to a decade back, there are now several firms offering great research opportunities for young aspiring scientists all over the world. Hundreds of universities make sure students get the right facilities to move forward.


Medical science is another inevitable field that students literally run after. Engineering helps medical science a lot by providing the right technology to solve even the most complicated of surgeries.


Climate change has become the most used word of the 21st century and the world certainly needs engineers who can contribute to safekeeping the environment and provide a cleaner and a healthier future. This program has recently become very popular and one of the most sought after.

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