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Benefits of Studying Abroad in Australia

Australia is one of the most desired destinations by international students considering its world class institutions, infrastructure and accommodative climate. Here are some of the benefits of studying in Australia.

Academic Recognition:

Australia has around 1,100 institutions offering all popular courses. With its supportive infrastructure, it makes the country all the more demanding. Almost all the courses offered in Australia are globally recognized and hold very high value outside the country.

Course and Scholarship Options:

Students can literally study ANYTHING in Australia. The course options are limitless. Needless to say, there are so many scholarships available exclusively for international students on various levels of requirements.

Work with Visa:

The Visa restrictions in Australia are less stringent compared to other countries. Students can work up to 40 hours every two weeks in jobs that require only basic skills. These jobs will really help the students in supporting their education in terms of finances.

Language Barrier:

There are no language barriers in Australia. Although this may seem obvious, this is rather a comforting benefit for international students that have an impact on basically every aspect of life.


Australia has the most comforting weather for international students, especially students from India. The climate is more or less very similar to India and students adapt to it quite quickly.

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Criteria For Free Education In Germany

Germany’s education is as good as its automobiles, thanks to the government. Most of the colleges/universities offer free education with a very low proportion charging very little a tuition fee which makes this place the most favorable destination for international students. Here are some of the requirements a student must fulfill if he/she wants to study in Germany.

German Abitur and Its Aliases:

There are students who receive an entitlement certificate after 12 or 13 years of school education. This authorizes the holder to be eligible to study any subject at any higher education institution in Germany.

For students who don’t hold a German Abitur, which in most cases are international students, they must provide evidence about their earlier education that is equivalent to the German Abitur. This is only the case when the education is recognized in Germany.

However, every country has its own school-leaving certificates and all of them might not be equal to a German Abitur, and in that case, a foundation course at Studienkollegs must be done that leads to the University Entrance Qualification Examination in order to be eligible for higher studies in Germany.

Assuming that the school certificate still doesn’t fulfill the requirements or is not equal to the German Abitur, students can acquire a substitute document after they successfully pass the University Qualification Assessment Examination known as “Feststellungsprufung”.

Language Proficiency:

Candidates must prove their German language proficiency by completing the upper basic level of Goethe Institute or B1 Level.


Needless to say, the candidate must complete the application process of the desired university will all the necessary details mentioned in the form. A suitable education planner would be able to help in the whole process and make the work lighter.

Visa and Residence Permit:

As an international student, students definitely require a visa depending on the country of residence and how long they are planning to stay in the respective foreign country.

Proof of Financial Resources:

Like any other country, a student must provide proof of finance that he/she has enough money to support their education. In most cases, students show a sum of around 8,700 Euros at their disposal.

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How can you earn money while studying abroad?

There are many options for students to work while studying abroad. Depending on the country, the working hours might differ and depending on this, you must choose the right job to earn substantial money. Here are a few examples.


Teaching other students is one of the best sources of earning money and this depends on your field of study and academic skills. If you have a good score on any of your external exams, you can also assist students who are looking to give the exams.

Part Time Job:

As you might know, many countries do not allow international students to work. However, some permit them to take up a part time job and committing to this could really be challenging to balance studies and work.

Summer Internships:

There are many seasonal internship opportunities during summer that are available to students in many countries. Considering the rise of social networking, it is also very easy for students to get such opportunities.


You could also create an account on some of the thousand freelancing websites and find jobs and projects. This could really ease the burden of traveling and help you balance with studies relatively.

Promotional and On-Campus Jobs:

Marketing companies are always on the lookout for volunteers to help them organize events in the city or all over the country. On campus jobs are also available and although they do not pay much, they could help with your balancing with studies and job.

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Categories of Canada Student Visa

Visas are the most critical part of traveling abroad for education or business or pleasure. There are different types of visas. However there are some categories in student visa – Generic, University and SPP.


As the name suggests, Generic is the general category of study permit of Canada. Anybody including those who’ve had a prior visa refusal is eligible to apply for this category. On the other hand, students have to provide more financial documents under this category.


This category is exclusively meant for students who have a valid offer letter or an admission letter from any university in Canada. But, a student who holds an offer letter from a college is not eligible to apply under the University category.


SPP is expanded as Students Partner Program. This category is one of the visa categories of Study of Permit of Canada and under SPP, there are top 47 colleges of Canada. The main objective behind this program was to streamline admission and visa process for Canadian Community Colleges.

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8 Steps to get a Scholarship Abroad

The most common perception of studying abroad is the affordability and how expensive the education is. Very few people know the number of scholarships available to support the education. Here are some basic steps to get a scholarship.

Ask for Help:

From university office and professors to friends and counselors, there are many people who can help you out for a start. Going in person to enquire about it is highly recommended. You could start with a few options and go to the next step.


This is the most important word in the studying abroad dictionary, if there is one. Do your research. More scholarships you apply for, more financial aid you will get. Start with the types of scholarships such as location specific, program specific, subject specific, student specific, etc.


Once you have an idea about the grants, call the funder or an education planner to know about the intricate details of the scholarship. This will ensure you have the correct information.

Prepare Your Resume:

Once you’ve compiled the set of scholarships, you’ve to work on being awarded. A resume is a very critical part of this process. Make sure you highlight any international experience if you have and update every recent activity if any.

Check Your References:

Most scholarships require personal references, i.e. someone you’ve worked with professionally. In this case, students have to reach out to their professors for assistance for a recommendation letter.

Mark Your Dates:

Applying to so many scholarship grants, to the universities and external exams can get you really confused about the deadlines and even miss them. Mark your dates in a calendar separately for the whole study abroad plan and be organized.


Apply as quickly as you can. This will require a lot of work and patience. In retrospect, this might be very organized and easy, provided you follow the above steps intensively.

Follow Instructions:

Take your time and do quality work instead of hurrying up and doing a half baked job. With all the applications, you wouldn’t feel any burdens of deadlines if you have everything organized. Better quality work gives you a better chance for a financial aid.

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7 Reasons For Canada Student Visa Rejection

Acquiring Visa is one of the most challenging things to do when you plan to travel abroad, be it for business or pleasure or education. Here are seven reasons why your Canada Visa would get rejected.

Financial Resources:

This is one of the common reasons why visa could get rejected. Under Section 219 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, the embassy might not get satisfied that you have sufficient financial resources to pay for the tuition fees, without working in Canada.


If you have not demonstrated that your sponsor will provide adequate support to cover the cost of your studies, it could lead to rejection.


You’re required to submit a Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec if you’re going to study in Quebec. If not, your visa could be rejected.


Your documents must have strong reasons and facts for your stay and study in Canada. If there is any sign of lack of credibility in your documents, you might not get your visa.

Fail to Comply with Requests:

If you fail to comply with the embassy’s request for an interview or completion of medical examinations, this could inevitably lead to visa rejection.

Fail to Demonstrate Residential Establishment:

If you fail to demonstrate that you are sufficiently well established in your country of residence, there is a chance that your visa could get rejected.

Doubts in your Profile:

If your proposed studies are not reasonable in light of your qualifications, employment, previous studies, language abilities or your future prospects and plans, you might not get visa to the country you’re planning to go to.

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5 Benefits of doing graduation and post graduation from Germany

Germany is the third most popular destination for international students and a degree from any German university is highly recognized around the world.

Degree is Recognized Worldwide:

A degree from a German university is highly respected by employers around the world. Be it cars or education, people instantly recognize the brand ‘Made in Germany’.

Range of Study Opportunities:

There are around 450 state-accredited institutions/universities with almost 17,500 degree programs in Germany offered at all levels – Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral degrees or state examinations.

Study in English:

Currently, many programs are being taught in English, especially the ones at the Master’s level. This is often one of the biggest advantages international students can have considering their fluency in the foreign language.

Multicultural Society:

This is one of the most necessary features of studying abroad where students are required to experience a different culture to enhance their interpersonal skills. Around 12% of the students studying in German universities come from foreign countries.

Very Low or No Tuition Fees:

Students have no need to pay tuition fees and if at all they have to, they are very low, because education is financed by the government. Bachelor’s degree programs have no tuition fees but some of the master’s programs come with fees, but they’re not as high as it is in other countries.

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How can a Professional Study Abroad Consultant help you study in Canada

Study abroad consultants are all around the place and if students select the right people, there is nothing like it. Here are some of the pointers where they can really be of genuine help.

Selection of Course and University:

All you have to do is just tell your interested field and your background field and you’ll get an entire list of possibilities in Canada where you can choose from. They will be there till you filter a handful of universities you can apply to. This might be a lot tedious if done alone.

Application Processing:

Some students might have absolutely no idea how this is done or how and where to start and end. This is where education planners really come in handy. If you fill up the basic information, the consultants actually take it ahead for further processing.

VISA Processing:

This is one of the most important steps in studying abroad. Most of the time, students definitely need help in organizing all the necessary documents and it is quite easy for them to lose it as well. Education planners sort out the requirements and help you organize all the documents with as much minimum effort possible.

Pre Departure Counselling:

Once all the above processes are done, study abroad consultants also help you to get an insight of the country, its society and environment, weather, so on and so forth. This will help you prepare yourself mentally and physically to stay abroad with ease.

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5 Basic Steps you must complete in order to study at a university in USA

Study abroad is a vast field and students really have to pay attention in applying to colleges and universities unlike studying in India. There are a lot of processes involved which if broken down and completed in an organized manner, it can be done with ease.


As studies take a step higher, it becomes more specific. Therefore, the field that you have studied so far would only be summary of the whole field per se. After you’ve decided to study in the USA, you must start to research your options of courses and universities. You can either do it on your own or take assistance from an education planner.

Finance your Studies:

There are a number of universities that grant funding and financial aid. Once you’ve decided the course, you can go through a list of universities that support the course and in addition who provide any financial aid.

Complete your Application:

This is one of the most important steps of applying to a university. After you’ve chosen the university, you must fill out the application and send it for processing. Using an education planner’s help is highly recommended as this process could become less cumbersome.

Student VISA:

You must then go through USA’s student visa requirements and allow plenty of time to prepare your application. Make sure you do not miss a single document and get them in order as mentioned in the requirements.

Prepare for Departure:

This process does not just include the things you must pack to the country but also the necessary documents for arrival and immigration compliance.

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Costs, Pro and Cons of Studying in Australia

There are many countries abroad that offer the best education for international students. Although this might be true, there are other factors that a student must consider before choosing any country to study abroad.


Tuition Fees:

Bachelor’s Degree – AU$15,000 – AU$33,000

Master’s Degree – AU$20,000 – AU$37,000

Doctoral Degree – AU$14,000 – AU$37,000

However, students might also be eligible for some of the biggest scholarships by universities depending on the academic performance.

Cost of Living in Australia:

If you’re an international student who has got an admission to an Australian University, you technically have to show you have AU$18,600 per year as that is the cost of living in Australia a year. Depending if you’re married or if you have children, these costs will vary.

Student VISA costs:

There are different kind of student visas for Australia and they range from nil to around AU$535. An enquiry to the embassy or an education planner might give you a clear picture about the type of visa and the cost.



Australia offers a world class education and has seven of the top 100 universities in the world. Furthermore, the country has five of the30 best cities in the world for students based on affordability, quality of life etc.


The Australian Government invests almost $200 million dollars in scholarships just for international students.

Cost of Studying:

Cost of studying in Australia is far less than that of USA or UK. International students really get value for money in this case.

Job opportunities:

The opportunities here are better than any of the other developed countries. Many of the other countries focus on one discipline higher than the other s whereas Australia presents opportunities equally in multiple disciplines.

Qualifications and Environment:

A degree obtained from Australia is globally recognized by many of the top employers. Needless to say, this country is a safe, multicultural, friendly and a harmonious society.



For those who aren’t fluent in English, this might be difficult to cope but certainly not impossible. It can always be worked upon.

Absence of Friends and Family:

Some students are not that independent where in that case, absence of friends or family might be a challenge to sail the day. Again, this will only be a tough learning experience.

Cultural Shock:

If proper counselling is not given, students have a possibility of suffering from a culture shock or any other differences in comfort, food etc.

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