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8 Popular Courses in Australia

Australia provides over 22,000 courses and 1100 educational institutions which are mostly globally recognized and highly reputed. Although all the courses cannot be listed, below are eight of the most popular courses one can find in Australia.

Business and Management:

The number of students opting for management courses is increasing exponentially considering the rise of entrepreneurs in the world. University of South Australia and Monash University are known to provide the best business courses.


Medicine is an inevitable field and is one of the most popular fields in Australia. Medical degrees in this country includes clinical practice and self directed learning. This field is highly competitive and recognized worldwide. Bachelor of Medicine/Surgery and Medical Radiation Science are the most popular degrees.


Accounting is always in demand on both personal finance and corporate levels. Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Applied Finance with Commerce are some popular degrees provided by University of Technology, Sydney and Macquarie University.


Australia is known for the latest dental innovations which allow students to learn the latest techniques and developments. The program includes medical science and problem based learning. Bachelor of Oral Health and Dental Science are the most popular degrees offered by CQ University and Charles Sturt University respectively.


Almost all educational institutions in Australia offer Law degrees where students are taught logical reasoning, creative problem solving and effective communication. Bachelor of Business Law and Bachelor of Commerce are popular degrees offered by Bond University and University of Wollongong.

Creative Arts and Design:

Australia is a home to more than one world class art institutions with a variety of course options that includes performing arts, visual arts and crafts, graphic studies, etc. Bachelor of Creative Arts is a popular degree offered by University of Wollongong.

Computer Science/IT:

Needless to say, this is one the most popular and in demand courses in many countries, especially Australia. The demand for IT and Software developers will always be on the rise. University of New South Wales and Charles Sturt University offer the best Bachelor of Computer Science degrees.


Last but not the least, engineering is the most popular course any student can find worldwide. With properly accredited universities, courses from here are globally recognized are considered equal to many other prestigious universities. University of Southern Queensland and University of Melbourne are popular for Enigneering.

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5 Happiest Countries to Pursue Higher Education

There are several countries that offer higher education with thousands of courses to choose from. There are however certain countries that are considered as one of the safest and happiest place to study in.


Norway is considered as the happiest country in the world, let alone studies. As far as higher education is concerned, the cost for study is low to zero. International students might have to pay only a semester’s fee.


The second on the list is Denmark, neighbouring Norway. Although the fee is free for European students, international students have to bear the tuition fee. That said, this country is considered as one of the happiest for higher education.


Although none of the universities features in the high ranking list, international students get one of the best experiences by studying in their universities. The tuition fee comes at a very affordable cost.


Being one of the most popular destinations worldwide, the tuition fee is not free but not high either. This country is also considered one of the happiest. Although the cost of living can be expensive, it is one of the ideal destinations for international students.


Finland boasts one of the best education systems in the world. The tuition doesn’t come for free, but it is worth to spend money to pursue higher education considering its excellence in education system.

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Top 10 Management Programs From International Universities

There are hundreds of management programs and it is quite difficult to realize which the best course to opt for is. But there are some courses that are unanimously the best choices by students and also ranked one among the best in the world. Here are the top 10 management programs from international universities.


Accountancy is one of the most sought after courses abroad by international students and there are a lot of universities that aim to provide the best faculty for the program.


Needless to say, this program is in high demand. With the rise in aspiring entrepreneurs, almost all the international universities offer various courses in Business.


Finance is an inevitable field. The world runs on finance and number crunching. This is one of the best courses provided by almost all the best universities across the world.


Management is a very common course but has roles in multiple industries. Students who opt for this course can literally get into any field whatsoever. Evidently, some of the best universities support this course and give the best infrastructure possible.


Any good product that has to be sold requires marketing. Marketing is the most powerful tool that can be used to persuade customers from all over the world into becoming a part of the brand. There are thousands of universities that provide different types of marketing courses.


For the past decade, this field has been growing exponentially. There is a great increase in number of people entering into this field and the demand just doesn’t stop. There are various types of hospitality degrees and currently all the best universities offer this program.


Economics is a much underrated course but preferred by wise people. Very few people know how economics could even impact production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. All top class universities like Harvard and Stanford offer programs in Economics.

Human Resource:

This is another very common program preferred by many students. Furthermore, this field has been in continuous demand considering the increase in number of private organizations and firms.

Event Management:

Although this course is not as popular as the above mentioned ones, it sure has given some great careers to students. This program is becoming extremely popular and is known to be in continuous demand in the next five years.

Sports Management:

Entertainment is another inevitable field. Everybody is looking for it and Sports is not an exception. There are a handful of universities that support this course as it is unique, increasingly demanding and rewarding.

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Top 10 Engineering Programs From International Universities

Engineering is one of the most popular fields besides Management and other courses. With the world depending so much on technology, engineering has always been in continuous demand for years and years. Here are the top ten engineering programs from international universities.


Aviation is the future of commuting and has become common among people, be it domestic or international. Due to this, there is a demand for commercial pilots, technicians and what not. However, opportunities in the army are an entire different ball game.


Every year we see a highest tower being erected in some part of the world and it just keeps going. There are so many futuristic projects in the pipeline and companies are in need of professional engineers to make it happen.


With the rise in pollution, there are several engineers who are working towards a cleaner and non polluting environment for the world to sustain for long. Chemical engineering can have a lot of branches and opportunities are limitless.


Civil engineering is more focused on commercial, public and government properties. An expansion of architecture, civil engineering has always been in demand as people are building houses literally every day.

Computer Science:

Evidently, computer science is the most sought after fields by students. With hundreds of branches and millions of opportunities, there are universities that go out of their way to provide the best infrastructure to support the course.

Electrical and Electronic:

Both electrical and electronic contributes to the future of mankind as we know. Electrical can even mean powering a whole country and electronic can mean creating an entire android bot. Universities are striving to provide the best facilities to support these courses as it is the future.


There are hundreds of variations in this field and all of them are rewarding. Goes without saying, this is one of the most sought after programs after computer science. Almost all top universities provide these courses with the best facilities.


Compared to a decade back, there are now several firms offering great research opportunities for young aspiring scientists all over the world. Hundreds of universities make sure students get the right facilities to move forward.


Medical science is another inevitable field that students literally run after. Engineering helps medical science a lot by providing the right technology to solve even the most complicated of surgeries.


Climate change has become the most used word of the 21st century and the world certainly needs engineers who can contribute to safekeeping the environment and provide a cleaner and a healthier future. This program has recently become very popular and one of the most sought after.

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Study Abroad – Expectation vs. Reality

There is a high chance that whatever you read on the internet is never the same in reality, whatever the subject may be. It also applies to studying abroad and the whole experience of staying abroad. Here are some of the common misconceptions of studying abroad.

1) Expectation: You will make a lot of friends as soon as you get there.

Reality: There is a big chance of you getting into a culture shock in the beginning and you might make friends of the same geographical ground.

2) Expectation: You can party every night.

Reality: This is one of the most common misconceptions about studying abroad. Once you get yourself enrolled, you would have so much of class work that it is not even a joke.

3) Expectation: You will never gain weight since you don’t eat home food anymore.

Reality: This is entirely false. There are tons of varieties of food abroad and once you start trying them, there is no stopping. You are sure to gain a few pounds for sure.

4) Expectation: You can survive with English.

Reality: This only applies to may be 10% of the whole world. If you’re really looking to interact with the locals, you need to know more than just English. Be prepared.

5) Expectation: You can make a trip every weekend.

Reality: This might be a good thing to do if you’re planning to exhaust your traveler’s checks and your entire bank account in a week or two. Traveling every weekend isn’t as easy as how it sounds.

6) Expectation: You will form amazing lifelong friendships.

Reality: Everything is temporary. If you’re expecting to make long lasting friendships with many people, forget it. The world is racing and people have their own things to do to sustain a living.

7) Expectation: It is easy to study and earn at the same time.

Reality: It is definitely not as easy as it seems. Studying is going to eat up most of your time with assignments and balancing that with your part time work will be a challenge.

8) Expectation: You will never miss home.

Reality: Although you will be in an entirely different country with different culture and people, you are sure to miss home once you slip out of your comfort zone.

9) Expectation: You will be received by welcoming and hospitable people.

Reality: This might be the first perception about studying abroad. No one is going to receive you in a special way. The only difference is you’re in another country filled with kind, mean and alienating people. Deal with it.

10) Expectation: You will get a job as soon as you graduate.

Reality: Brace yourself for a reality check. No, you will not get a job as soon as you graduate. There are no campus placements. You will have to go around the city to find a job.

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Medical Insurance for Studying Abroad

Dealing with any medical charges, especially abroad, can be a costly affair for Indian students. In case of a health emergency, if the student is not covered with any health insurance plan, he/she is bound to spend a bomb on even the slightest accident. This is where a health insurance comes to aid. Depending on the gravity or the magnitude of the mishap, the plan will cover the cost accordingly and save the students from spending so much of money. It is definitely recommended for international students to get a health insurance whatsoever.

Medical insurance is mandatory for a student to apply for. While medical insurances are being suggested for local flight travel, it is definitely required for a temporary international stay. Since study abroad has become a very common option among students, firms have come up with various medical insurance plans to cover as much as possible and provide as many benefits as possible.

Most of the universities offer students a health insurance plan. Students can either apply for that or apply independently as long as they know what they are doing. All usual medical insurances will have basic sickness and accident coverage and varies from there according to the amount in coverage and so on. If a student is planning to apply for insurance independently, then it is recommended to go through providers who work specifically with people going to study abroad. There are also several cards abroad that students can get which covers various incidents including emergency evacuation, repatriation and accidental death or loss/use of limb(s) coverage.

Students can look into different plans or go through an advisor who would recommend a plan accordingly.

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5 Study Abroad Destinations Where You Can Get A Work Permit

Every student loves studying and working abroad. This article will provide clarity for students where to go if they’re looking to study and work abroad after graduation.


International students can stay and work in Australia after graduation under the Temporary Graduate Visa that has two streams – Graduate work stream and post study work stream. Prospects are very bright if students look into Agriculture, Biomedical Engineering and so on.


Unlike in the news, international students will not get affected due to the revised immigration policies. Students can work for a total of 12 months after graduation. USA is the most popular destination for students to work after graduation.


Unlike false news in the internet, there are a lot of post-study work opportunities in UK. There are totally 3 tiers of work permit depending on the overview of the student’s profile.


There has been no significant change in the policies in Canada. Students can stay for a period of three years after graduation. The post graduation work permit program allows students to look for employment in Canada.


Germany is another country that provides post-study work permit where students can stay for a maximum period of 18 months after graduation. Once students get a relevant job, they can even apply for the German Residence Permit or an EU Blue Card.

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10 Amazing Trips You Can Take If You Are Studying In London

London is one of the best places for international students to enjoy their studies or work or leisure time. Here are some of trips you can take if you’re studying abroad in London.

Oxford University:

As geeky as it might sound, the architecture of the whole place is astounding and this is a must see for all Harry Potter fans as many of the settings were based on Oxford University’s architecture.


This is Shakespeare’s hometown and this will certainly impress and inspire all literary lovers. You can visit the Bard’s house to touch something that was once touched by the greatest English writer of all time.


Stonehenge, one of the most famous tourist spots, lies in Salisbury which is a great tourist attraction. A great deal of history lies at this place which is worth the visit.


This is the world’s largest and oldest inhabited castle just 30 minutes outside of London. If you’re lucky enough, you might just run into the Royal Family.


This is a famous hiking place across seaside and here lies the highest sea cliff in England. For a taste of adventure, this would be the best spot for you to test yourself.


Cambridge is considered as one of the prestigious university towns in the world. This is one of the most serene places to escape reality and explore your inner Zen.


Bath is a place with Georgian Architecture and its name comes from the Roman Geothermal Bath. Astonishingly, it has been preserved since 836 BC and this hot spring is one thing you wouldn’t want to miss.

New Forest:

If you’re thinking about Babbling brooks, English pastures, ponies and woodlands, then this place is for you. Within this forest lies a quaint village called Brockenhurst which is a must visit.


A fan of fish and chips? There is no better place than Brighton. There are some award winning restaurants where you get the best fish and chips.


Dover is a port town southeast of London. If you take a hike among the cliffs, you will be able to see France looming in the distance. Do not miss the Sea Safari.

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8 Tips Given By Study Abroad Alumni For Students

Here are some tips given by study abroad alumni to students as to what they must take note of while studying abroad and how they can lead a comfortable life.

Bank Account:

Maintaining an effective bank account is something that will really help students track their savings and expenses. Considering that study abroad is a costly affair, it is paramount that students must create and maintain a bank account.

Keep Track of Exchange Rates:

This might seem trivial to intermittent purchases but in the long run, students will be able to save so much by keeping a track of transactions and taxes and splitting accordingly.


This is the one of the most important reasons students should anticipate for while studying abroad. There is no better opportunity than this to reach out to different people from different backgrounds and create a vast network, personally and professionally.

Get Involved:

Whatever it is, get involved. Participation is vital. Get involved in any activities, academic or extracurricular and put yourself out there in the crowd and get recognized.

Take Initiatives:

Step up and take initiatives. This will help you grow as an individual and this will be a great test an individual’s responsibilities, strengths and weakness.


Students must learn to be independent, to face challenges and try to overcome it. This will come to use when the student graduates and secures a job. He/she will have the opportunity to showcase these traits.

Part Time Job:

Students can get a part time job, which can have very light work as long as there is sufficient amount they can save. This will invariably help students to become independent.

Enjoy Yourself:

Last but not the least, don’t get lost in the hassle of studies, work and savings. Learn to balance your academic life and make maximum use of the free time given to visit new places and create memories.

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